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The quickest way to get one of my ukes is to buy direct. In May 2016 we will be uploading on the 'Shop' pages images of instruments that will be immediately available. If you wish to commission an instrument there is a waiting time of 6 months. Please contact me for further information. Visits to the workshop by prior appointment are welcome.


My Instruments

The principal activity of my business is building what I want to build and the pages in this section of the website give you a good idea of what my ukulele look like.

I have a considerable stock of interesting tonewoods: woods which I carefully select for each of the models. All the wood I use is from trusted, legal sources, much of it ‘old stock’.

True mahogany (Swietenia Mahogoni) can only be used on instruments that are to remain in the UK. Khaya seneglensis (the swietenia grown in Africa) will be substituted for all instruments that will leave the borders of the UK.

For traditional ukulele I use koa that comes from either the Big Island of Hawaii or Maui and is either lightly figured or highly figured! There is an upcharge of £200 for this latter variety. I have a limited number of sets of koa which will not be replaced. However I have plenty of ‘splash figure’ makore which is a perfect substitute for koa and will feature heavily in future production runs.

I use makore, cherry, walnut, mahogany, rosewood and myrtle for the bodies of my modern Californian style ukulele. Fingerboards and bridges for all instruments are made from rosewood, ironwood and ebony. Bindings can either be solid wood or impact resistant ABS. I stock Alpine moon spruce, Englemann spruce and red spruce as top wood for these modern style ukuleles.

All instruments have a veneer logo on the headstock – this depicts the view of Mt Snowdon I have from my workshop. In the winter, the mountain is hand cut from birdseye maple and the sky is burr walnut; instruments made in the summer have this configuration reversed.

I use Der Jung, Rubner and Gotoh tuners (Waverleys on slotted headstocks). I do not fit any other types of tuners except when requested.

All instruments have a nut width of 36mm with 10mm string spacing at the nut., 40mm spacing at the saddle. For nuts and saddle I use Corian™.

I use two finishes – a matt lacquer and nitro cellulose gloss lacquer. Unless stated, all instruments have a matt finish neck. Gloss finished bodies are an upgrade. All finish work is done in house.

Apart from the boat paddle soprano, all instruments come with hard shell case.

Please use the menu on the left to browse my instruments or go to the shop to see what is available.